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 May 31, 1997 till June 20, 1997
Zurich - London - Los Angeles
Los Angeles - San Diego - Lake Havasu City - Grand Canyon - Page - Antelope Canyon - Moab - Arches NP - Canyonlands - Green River - Bryce Canyon - Zion NP - Las Vegas - Death Valley - Bisoph - Yosemite NP - Oakland - San Francisco - Monterey - Santa Barbara - Santa Monica
Los Angeles - London - Zurich
that's me hanging around in the Bryce Canyon
more pictures of me and my friend Simon:
click the pictures to get the original size
Simon and I are looking for good weather
Looking for big rocks
I'm checking out Hollywood by car
Bright Angel Trail, after 5 hours climbing up...
....and reaching the top
Mister "Big Hand" Simon
Checking out Santa Monica Beach.....
.... and look what I found; that's what I'm talking about
Snowfight on Yosemite Pass
John Travolta, I really saw him
Santa Barbara at moonrise
back at Zurich airport
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